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Team Trees is the latest trend taking the world by storm, but all for a good reason! Started in May 2019 when the internet challenged YouTuber Mr. Beast to plant 20 million trees to commemorate hitting the 20 million subscriber milestone, all proceeds of the project go to the Arbor Day Foundation, the longest running tree planting NGO. For every $1 donated, 1 tree is planted across the world’s forests with the highest need, all before 2022! 

Trees are hugely important to our environment:

🌲 Trees combat climate change by absorbing CO2
🌲 They preserve the soil and stop erosion
🌲 They improve air quality by absorbing pollutants
🌲 Trees provide oxygen (1 acre = 18 people!)
🌲 Trees habitat wildlife

By the time FieCo got around to donating, three days into the project, over 3.8 million trees had been donated! FieCo maybe all about the lightbulb, but the environment is incredibly important for us, and we’ve contributed with 20 trees. Let’s come together – if you can spare just $1 to plant a tree, you’d be making a huge difference.

FieCo will always do what we can for the environment, but sadly we do have to balance the limited resources that a small business has. We do however currently:

🌻 Offset the carbon footprint we produce by at least twice, so that we’re not only carbon neutral but we have a positive environmental impact. 
🌻 Donate 5% of all profits to Lend With Care’s lending programme to grow the developing world.
🌻 Provide free business services, such as Google MyBusiness setup and marketing materials, to grow local businesses.

And we won’t stop there. There’s lots more that we’d like to do, and as we grow, so will our contributions. 🌎

As much as we’d love to guarantee the above link, unfortunately FieCo can’t be held responsible for any content external to this site. Please browse safely ❤

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Ellis Harris runs FieCo Accountancy and Marketing, offering web design and accounting services built for small businesses.

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