About Us

Find out a little more about FieCo here!

About Us

Find out a little more about FieCo here!


Well Hi There!

My name is Ellis! It’s lovely to virtually meet you, and I really hope to work with you on your project in the near future!

I started FieCo to try and help small businesses flourish, with high quality, professional solutions to web design, marketing and bookkeeping, without breaking the bank. After all, according to Bloomberg, 80% of entrepreneurs fail within 2 years of starting their business – shocking, right!?

80% of entrepreneurs fail within 2 years of starting their business.

And I’ve noticed something even worse too. Companies are charging small businesses massive amounts of money for services similar to which FieCo offer. £70 a month for website maintenance is not okay. £400 a month for social media management is also not right. But I’ve seen small businesses paying both of these rates.

Let’s declare war on these prices. These profit margins take money from your kid’s martial arts lessons. From your Friday takeout. From the new car you’ve been saving for. FieCo is here for you, the entrepreneur, the sole trader, the partnership, the small Ltd company… so let’s get started!

That’s me!

We may not have been around for long, but we’ve been busy spreading the word in the local community!

This Is FieCo

FieCo doesn’t only offer Web Design, Marketing & Bookkeeping built for small businesses. We offer a down-to-earth, friendly service. We treat everyone we work with like a friend, and if we don’t think you need a service, we’ll tell you. 

I can promise that we wont walk into your business in a suit and tie. Because we’re not here for the corporates. We’re here for you. 

So let’s get to the important stuff. Here’s a few of the organisations FieCo is certified or licensed by:

I have the following insurance policies so that you can have peace of mind about how seriously we take our work:

  • £1,000,000 Professional Indemnity
  • £1,000,000 Public & Products Liability
  • £   250,000 Cyber & Data

I am registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office), and I have a full DBS certificate. I am AATQB & MAAT qualified (bookkeeping jargon!), and am licensed by AAT under number 20086900.

Why FieCo?

FieCo has values based on integrity, trust and respect, and it’s really important to me that this ethos is reflected in everything we do. My grandparents, Colin & Jane Fielding-Cotterill, had a huge role in helping instil these values into me, and therefore I created FieCo in their name.

Colin Fielding-Cotterill served in the RAF, before working with his parents at his painting and decorating business. Following this, he began his long career in the Royal Mail, delivering mail to homes in Leicestershire. Colin sadly passed away in 2011. 

Jane Fielding-Cotterill has, and continues to work incredibly hard to bring up her daughter, Sharon, and her three grandchildren. She has a legacy brought about by the way in which she raised her family, with strong values and ethics.

Colin Fielding-Cotterill

Lend with Care kickstarts and supports businesses in developing countries, just like we try to in the UK.

Charity: The FieCo Way

Lend With Care (lendwithcare.org) is an innovative way to help people in developing countries transform their future. Set up by one of the world’s leading aid and development organisations, Care International UK, the site enables people to lend small sums of money directly to entrepreneurs in developing countries to help them start or grow a small business.

Lend with Care enables poorer people to transform their own lives – with dignity, by providing fair and affordable financial services. Microfinance can help the poorest earn a living, grow their businesses and create new jobs, pulling who communities out of poverty.

Lend With Care is an inspirational organisation, which has a fantastic ethos and principles. We also try to help many other incredible organisations with donations where we can, such as the below:

Carbon Footprint

The environment is really important to us all, as well as future generations, and FieCo is committed to offsetting our Carbon Footprint to ensure that our business has no impact on the environment.

We last calculated our Carbon Footprint in October 2019, and our business activities create a carbon footprint of 1.68 tonnes of CO2 per year. We currently offset 3.99 tonnes of CO2 per year with Carbon Footprint, a leading organisation working with organisations to offset their environmental impact.


FieCo supports an Americas Projects as part of our carbon offsetting, to deliver social and ecological benefits to the region. The Americas Projects include efforts to reduce deforestation in the Amazonian Rainforest, Brazil, the construction of a hydropower plant on the Maule Norte Alto canal, Chile, and the development of an onshore wind farm in the village of Peralta, Uruguay.

Our Carbon Offsetting Certification


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