Websites are expensive

Most websites are really expensive. And not in the ways you might think. 

For a startup or small business, £750 for a new website is usually too much. And of course, those crafty web design firms have worked this one out. So instead, they’ll charge just £100 for the design, and then £25 per month. For a minimum of 12 months. Suddenly, for a website that seemed like a steal, you’re paying £300 every single year. Even worse, they’ll throw out phrases like ‘SEO’, and expect big bucks for additional services.

We think this is crazy. Those profit margins take money from your kid’s martial arts lessons. From your Friday takeout. From the new car you’ve been saving for. 

Bring on FieCo, and our 3 guarantees:

Web Design for £85

We charge £85 for our FieCoFlow design. These sites consist of one page with everything you need; a contact form, live chat, social media feeds and business email. All packaged with a professional look, just like this one!

Monthly Charges only £9.95

We’re putting an end to those extortionate monthly fees. Pay just £9.95 per month (paid annually) for hosting, security and updates, and any support you need from us! No need to empty the piggy bank for this package.

No Price Increases

We’re fair about this too. We promise not to increase our monthly charges for at least 3 years, no matter what happens. And we’ll try to keep it fixed for longer. So you can safely budget for our charges, without fear of price change.

Chat Bot

Have a natter with your customers before they buy. With the awesome chatbot, customers can reach out to you to ask questions – straight to your mobile. If you’re too busy (or taking that rare time off), customer’s can leave their email address so that you can get in touch later.

Social Media Feeds

Maximise your social media efforts across the board. Those Facebook or Instagram posts you put your valuable time and effort into can double as handy website updates too – with no extra work on your part! We’ll integrate your social media feeds into your website for all to see.

Contact Forms

Don’t miss a lead. Live chat is great, but for some customers, you can’t beat a good old contact form. Our contact forms come with reCaptcha, which’ll help minimise the amount of spam you get too. The contact forms will go straight through to your main email address.

One Tidy Package

No hassle, no mess – With our FieCoFlow sites, there’s no messy menus to work with, no blog to keep up-to-date, no sales funnel to achieve. It’s one (long) page showcasing the best of your business to the world, with everything your customer needs to consider getting in touch!

Fancy an Upgrade?

We allow for growth within our website packages – If your business outgrows your 1 page website that we build, we’ll take the £85 you’ve already paid off the price of our web design packages. So instead of paying £395 for our standard web design package, you’ll pay just £310. And if you’d prefer to move on, that’s okay with us too.

Our standard monthly prices are £9.95 per month regardless of which package you purchase, so there’s no need to worry about ongoing price increases.

Hang on... what's FieCo?

About FieCo

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About FieCo

Our Services

Our Projects

Who's This For?

This wont work for everyone, but the chances are, it will for you – So many small businesses pay over the odds for features and websites they don’t need. Some firms will sell you a blog, that you don’t have time to keep up-to-date alongside your social media. Some will sell you 20 pages, just for the sake of having it. Or how about an online store, for a local shop.

From accountants to barbers, and gardeners to tutors, do you really need an expensive, complex website? If so, we’d be delighted to work with you on our standard website design! Otherwise, this could be the package for you!

This page is an example of how your £85 website could look! Everything here, and more, is included!


If you’ve come this far – thank you. You’ve read about other crafty web design firms. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out FieCo, and our way of business. And if you’re still interested (or just wanted to say hello!) we’d love to hear from you!

Please do fill out the contact form, tick to confirm you’re not a futuristic robot and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! And let’s face it, business is all about building that rapport, so we can organise either a face-to-face meeting, or a video call if that’s more convenient, to discuss your project and what FieCo can do for you.

If you’ve not already had enough of FieCo, check out our Social Media!


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